Retail Client Pricing

Services Pricing in MYR
Issuance of Managers Check (excluding postage & courier cost)  
Local Currency Checks $5
If payment directly to beneficiary's bank account $10
Local Telegraphic Transfer  
Via MyClear RENTAS
(for high value electronic payment with value above MYR 10,000.00)
Via MyClear Interbank GIRO
(for low value electronic payment with value below MYR 500,000.00)
International Wire Transfer  
New York $45
Singapore $10
Others $30
Foreign Currency Demand Draft  
USD draft - debit USD Account
USD4 per draft
Cable charge USD 13.00
USD draft - debit MYR Account
MYR12 per draft
Cable charge $23.00
Book Transfer  
With J.P. Morgan Chase Bank Berhad Waived
Cancel / Stop Payment $15 (or $100 if insufficient funds)
Local Currency Check Deposit Waived
Foreign check (cash letter) - into MYR Account $15
Foreign check (cash letter) - into USD Account USD 4.50
Local Wire Receipt - via MyClear RENTAS & MyClear Interbank GIRO (IBG) Waived
International Wire Receipt USD 5.00
Returned Item  
Dishonoured Check - due to insufficient funds $100.00 / check
Dishonoured Check - stop payment $10.00 / check
Dishonoured Check - stop payment and insufficient funds $100.00 / check
Dishonoured Check - post-dated (borne by payee) $10 / check
Return foreign currency check/draft As per Corresponding Bank charges
Basic Banking Account - with average Balance below $1,000 Waived
USD Account Waived
Demand Deposit Account (DDA) - Dormant Fees $10 per annum
Savings Account - Dormant Fees
If below $10 to close as per ABM
but waived if above $10
Reactivation Fees Waived
Check Book  
i. Company $25.00 per book
ii. Individual $13.50 per book
Courier / Postage At- cost
Fax $2.00 / piece
Salary transfers - paper Interbank GIRO (IBG) $10.00 / employee
Standing Instruction
set-up $5
mail    $4
bank   $10
Bank Statement Retrieval - within 12 months $5 / page
Bank Statement Retrieval - above 12 months $5 / page + $50 / request
Audit Confirmation $25
Below are the list of deposit products not applicable to individuals and Small and Medium Enterprises offered by J.P. Morgan Chase Bank Berhad:
  • Demand Deposit Account (Interest Bearing and Non-interest Bearing)
  • Time Deposit Account

  Housing Loan

General Product Information
Product Name: Mortgage Loan
Zero Entry/Moving Cost: No
Minimum Value Of Property (RM): 35,000
Maximum Value Of Property (RM): 100,000
Minimum Loan Amount (RM): 5,000
Loan Purpose: All (Under construction, completed, refinance, purchase land & build a house)
Type of property: Landed and Non-landed
Repayment mode: Flexi
Margin of financing (%): 90
Loan tenure (Max years / age): 25 years / Up to 55 years old whichever is earlier
Reference rate / BLR (% per annum): 6.65
Rates (Variable) Per Annum:
1st Year:1.5%
2nd Year:BLR – 1.0%
3rd Year onwards:BLR + 0.2% (Max Ceiling Rate at 9% as per BNM Guidelines)
Interest rate calculation: Monthly rest interest
Fees & Charges
Legal fees on loan agreement: Payable by borrower
Stamp duty on loan agreement: Payable by borrower
Disbursement fee: Payable by borrower
Valuation fee: Payable by borrower
Processing fee: Waived
Late charges (per annum): Based on prevailing rate plus 1% on total outstanding in arrears x Number of days late
Early settlement penalty: No


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